What others are saying about the film.

Review of For Liberty on WPT by Savannah Liston, 6/25/10
“It was very well designed and produced, it doesn’t have the put-together feel of “homemade” videos I’ve watched. Despite, as the producers admitted, a slim budget, they did a fantastic job. Not only is the message inspiring, the way it is conveyed is professional and and very well-done.” review by Michael Nystrom, 12/2/09
“Not only is [For Liberty] a wonderful memento for all of us who were involved in the campaign, but it serves as an exceptional teaching tool for those who still don’t get it about Ron Paul.”

The 912 Project – Orange County, CA (right hand column), 10/24/09
“I am no longer going to take any media at face value, not even Fox News, which I am a big fan of, and I am not going to toe the Party line. Maybe I am a Libertarian or am I just an American?”

PyraBang review, 10/4/09
“There were a few themes in the movie that were covered, but for me the most glaring and documented theme was that of the defensive nature of the revolution’s main opponent, the corporate press.”

For Liberty Examines the Kingmakers by J. Bradley Jansen, 9/26/09
“This movie puts faces on the people demanding a radical change towards a more moderate government.”

Stevens Point Journal, local media on filmmakers, 9/26/09
“These two small-town men knew there would be some interest in their film, but they never imagined the nationwide interest they’re receiving.”

The Motorhome Diaries by Pete Eyre, 9/23/09
“Based on the reactions I heard from friends who saw For Liberty at the C4L event – one of whom told me that it left him “reinvigorated” – I expected a lot.”

TheBurningPlatform by Jim Quinn, 9/19/09
“It was the most inspiring documentary I have ever seen. It was funny. It was a story of how grassroots is more powerful than entrenched parties supported by the bought MSM.”

VoteRonPaul by Tory Watson, 9/18/09
“For the Ron Paul supporter, it will make you laugh and cry. For the person who knows little or nothing about Ron Paul it force them to question the criminal career politician and the complicit corporate media.”

LibertyMaven by Marc Gallagher, 9/9/09
“This is not just a story about the Ron Paul Revolution. It is a blueprint for a better America.”

“Knocked it out of the park!” – Thomas Woods, PhD.

“…a clear, carefully rendered tableau of an enduring revolution – paying attention to our Constitution – which is really just beginning.” – Paul Levinson, PhD.

“Unlike the circus surrounding personalities Obama and Palin, For Liberty documents the only 2008 campaign based on actual ideas and real ‘change’.” – Jack Hunter aka The Southern Avenger

“Captures the spirit of the R3volution from beginning to end.” – Nick Ramaglia, Walk4Freedom

For Liberty has provided future generations, of both Patriots and Tyrants, an understanding of the motivations and emotions of millions successfully advocating individual liberty. Victory is far more certain when it is clear what you are striving to achieve.” – Ernest Hancock

“A rollercoaster of emotional memory.” – Ken Fichter

For Liberty is not only a story of the Grassroots effort of the Ron Paul campaign; it is a story of the rebirth of American Spirit….it courageously tackled the mainstream media and the distorted reporting that is feed to trusting Americans.” – Sandra Kelch

“It is professional, it is unique, it is a tutorial on how to get the freakin job done.” – Deb Robinet

“Awesome!” – Keith Sauter

“Didn’t know what Ron Paul was all about until I saw this movie.” – Beth Haviland

“Inspiring! The sequel is being performed now!” – Steven Morreale

“Fast paced, kept me interested the whole time, every second. Just awesome!!!” – Ali Lorenzini

“Thank you for documenting history! I am a newcomer, this brought me up to speed.” – Jonathan

For Liberty was a great summary and timeline of the Ron Paul Revolution movement, it demonstrated all our efforts and accomplishments.” – Ben Morris

“Great movie! I had goosebumps.” – Christin Davies

“Very inspiring film that shows the corruption of media along with the dilemma of the Party system.” – Robert Zysk

“Great!! Loved it!” – Ken Brenneman, SFC (retired)

“It was great, encouraged me to keep going with the movement and not give up.” – Susan Paul